"Most of property owners do not want to invest money in a property that they are going to sell, however this mentality is wrong ..." 

Our first visit is FREE and we would like to hear from you a way to find  your ideal formula for your sale or rent
Depending on the condition of the property and depending on the commercial purpose, we will deliver an estimation with a detailed budget.

Hotels and Rural Houses

INMOSTAGING provides a personalized and excellent service making the changes that you. I always dream of doing something more modern, we update your website with quality photographs. We prepare your property for vacation rentals, short and long term. Home Staging is not only decorating, it is using marketing tools so that your HOTEL OR RURAL HOUSE visually stands out from the competition, obtaining better results without the need to lower its price and thus be able to achieve the expected economic benefit.


To be able to rent or sell your house or private apartment in the fastest way and at the best price is thanks to Home Staging techniques for homes. From our hand you will have a great return on money and time. We will take care of getting the best out of your property, achieving visual appeal so that clients fall in love on visits. Keep in mind that with Home Staging your house will sell 8 to 9 times faster.

Real-estate agency

For real estate companies, being able to use Home Staging as a tool that allows them to unlock a sale or rental is very beneficial, fast and profitable. We know in this area that time is money both for your real estate company and for your clients who place their properties in their trust. With this set of techniques that we use, it will allow to raise the visual level of a home, giving it an attractive and comfortable appearance for potential buyers and / or tenants. INMOSTAGING aims for the real estate agencies that choose us to quickly achieve their goals with their clients , ensuring our total commitment to their undertakings, giving them the best personalized advice throughout the development of the project.