HOME STAGING  is a way to make sure that with a minimum waste of time and money your property get a better presentation with the  intention of  sale or rent. 

The staging of property promotes and creates "favorites" allowing  the necessary improvement at a lower cost and causing a bigger and better reaction and  interest within the customers . Already widely used in Scandinavian countries and  Britain, this highly successful method has  being used  within  real estate agency professionals. 

It is considered that the HOME STAGING investment is between 0.5% and 4% of the total value of the property taking into account the needs and budget of the clients. 

"48% of the property have increased their prices by 20%" 

"51% of the property did not need to lower their price"


Because today we are preparing to live some very versatile times, it is now to study your possibilities of actions to keep you up dated of the constantly evolving property market.

Competition can be tough so it is important to win the battle, using the best tools, opting for a improvement of your product instead of a reduction in prices. Buying and renting property is a process that mixes the rational and the emotional. 

For this reason, INMOSTAGING works on this infallible method, based on decoration that increases the attractiveness of your property, allowing you to achieve your economic expectations for the future

"HOME STAGING is not magic, it is pure statistics"